Autumn 3D Screensaver

Autumn 3D Screensaver

Autumn 3D Screensaver gives you opportunity to enjoy wonderful autumn nature

If autumn is your favorite season the free Autumn 3D Animated Screensaver by Scenic Reflections gives you opportunity to enjoy it in any time of the year. Simply install this wonderful screensaver and you will get unique beauty of gold autumn forest. Admire trees with golden leaves which used to be green. This forest isn’t uninhabited. Ducks are swimming in the water waiting for their long way to south for the winter. On the other bank of river suddenly appears deer. Good animated graphics and realistic sounds of birds’ songs help you feel outstanding autumn atmosphere. Autumn 3D Screensaver also gives you opportunity to mute sounds or optionally add your own music and sound tracks. You can make playlists of your favorite songs and select mode of playback. Autumn 3D Screensaver has four modes of exit conditions: by mouse move, by mouse button click, by pressing keyboard button and pressing ESC button. So if you are lover of quite autumn landscapes a and are searching for good relaxing screensaver with such features the Autumn 3D Screensaver is a good choice for you.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Good animated graphics
  • Realistic sounds of birds' songs
  • It's absolutely free


  • A little bit unrealistic birds
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